Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold? Call SERVPRO of Warren County

Water damage can sometimes go through surfaces and if it is not dried properly, some materials will hold moisture. When materials hold moisture it can cause mol... READ MORE

Leaky water pipe inside wall causes mold

The wall in this Living Room in this Bowling Green, KY was starting to mold due to a leak in the water line from the kitchen. The flooring and drywall as well a... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Crawlspace

Humidity caused mold on the joists of this crawlspace in Warren County Kentucky. The insulation was starting to sag and you can see the spots on the wood in the... READ MORE

Mold in the rafters

The attic of this rental home in Warren County Kentucky had some mold growth due to high humidity and a small water leak. The leak was fixed, however, the owner... READ MORE

Moldy Closet in Bowling Green, KY

The moldy closet in Bowling Green, KY was the result of a slow leaking water heater pipe. Notice in the before photo you can see the mold growth on the wall nex... READ MORE

Mold Problem? No Problem!

This moldy Laundry Room in Bowling Green, KY was the result of a water heater leak that went unnoticed for a long period of time. In the before photo you can s... READ MORE