Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

To remove the floor or not to remove the floor?

Once water has penetrated your floor during water damage, it is very possible that you may be required to remove the flooring. A lot of times, the floor is sitt... READ MORE

Flooded home in Warren County

When this Warren County Homeowner returned from a 2 week vacation they had several rooms flooded from a leak under the sink. When we arrived we started extracti... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Bowling Green, KY

This bathroom was flooded when a pipe burst in the wall while the homeowner was out of town. They came home to standing water in the bathroom and a collapsed ce... READ MORE

Sump Pump Fail in Alvaton, Kentucky

Lots of rain and flooding caused this sump pump failure at a home in Alvaton, Kentucky. The stained concrete floors and drywall were affected with 2 inches of s... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line Busted in Warren County, KY

This home in Bowling Green, Kentucky had a toilet supply line bust in a bathroom located on the second floor which also flooded the laundry room located below. ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bowling Green, KY Office

This damaged office in Bowling Green, KY was due to a leak from an unsealed window. The extent of the damage was all the way through the drywall and insulation ... READ MORE