What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Sheila and Michael Anne were great to work with after the tornadoes here.  So thankful!

Deborah H.

Great customer service experience from the first call to the team that came out.

After heavy rain that led to LOTS of flooded basements in our area (Central Ohio), SERVPRO was quickest to respond to my call and to schedule a damage assessment -- even though they were coming from another state! They underpromised and overdelivered, showing up early (!) for the assessment and getting a sanitizing crew out to us half a day earlier than expected (!!!). In a very stressful time, it was great to work with people who were uniformly friendly, sympathetic, and professional.

Additional info: our problem was combined storm/sanitary sewer backup that covered about two thirds of our cinderblock-and-concrete basement up to about 3 inches in some places. We removed some of the water and damaged items (a rug, cardboard boxes) ourselves within a day; contacting SERVPRO, getting an assessment, and getting a sanitizing team out took about six days total from the time I called. That sounds like a long time (and it felt like it), but it was significantly faster than other companies that serve our area were offering.

One thing I'd like to note that was really helpful: since spam calls are common lately, I don't always answer my phone. When SERVPRO called and left a message, they said I could text back OR call. Since I didn't listen to the message until after normal business hours, I felt more comfortable texting, and to my (pleased) surprise, someone was available to text back immediately to set up the assessment meeting. I really appreciate that the staff at SERVPRO of Warren County were ready to communicate with me through the medium I was more comfortable with at the time.

Great job SERVPRO of Warren County! Appreciate all of your hard work on my home. 

Our building was flooded during the terrible rains the past couple of weeks and SERVPRO of Warren County was in town helping out the local SERVPRO. We are very impressed with their willingness to put in late hours in order to help our during a crisis.

Great staff!! Kentucky crew was awesome.

The guys working on my basement were SO courteous and friendly. Extremely happy!

Entire crew was friendly and professional and did exactly what they said they would. Very Satisfied!!

I would like to say that Jonathan Britt and his crew should be commended for there excellent work.  Very professional and friendly kept us informed all the way, I am very impressed, they did a great job