Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Church Flood in Bowling Green, KY

The mechanical room in this local Church was very wet after a pipe busted in the ceiling. SERVPRO of Warren County was on the way as soon as the call was receiv... READ MORE

Flood in Warren County Business

The hallway and offices in this local office was flooded when a pipe leaked. SERVPRO of Warren County was on the job within an hour of receiving the call. We we... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow in Bowling Green Office

The toilet in this Bowling Green, KY office overflowed during the night causing 2 inches of water to cover the floor in several rooms. SERVPRO of Warren County... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Bowling Green, KY

This business in Bowling Green, Kentucky had a toilet supply line bust in a bathroom which spread to another bathroom as well as the hallway. When we arrived on... READ MORE

Bank gets Tanked!

A local Bank had 3 floors of water damage after a toilet tank over flowed during the night. Needless to say when we got the call early that morning we were quic... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Loss in Bowling Green

This grocery store in Bowling Green Kentucky had a large fire that shut them down for business. The damage was so extensive that every food item in the store wa... READ MORE